Monday, October 18, 2010

Marty Friedman Launces Japanese Record Label

Marty Friedman recently made two very public business moves. The former Megadeth guitarist not only created a new record label, Gokukara Records, he's also heading it up as well.

Since Gokukara Records is a subsidary of Japanese label giant Avex, all of Fridman's solo releases will continue to be with Avex. However, new artist that the guitarist choses to work with will be released via Gokukara.

A nationwide search will determine the first release for Gokukara. The search will be conducted through NicoNico Douga, which is Japan's more interactive version of YouTube. Given that the number of entratnts is already remarkably high, only

NicoNico Douga community members will be able to create videos for consideration.

Entrants living outside of Japan are also permitted to create video entires, but said entratnts must be able to use a computer in Japanese. That being said, it is possible that access to NicoNico Douga may be limited outside of Japan (depending on the territory).

Currently, Gokukara is a domestic label, meaning all information found on Gokukara Records' website as well as NicoNico Douga is presented in Japanese.

More information (in Japanese only) can be found here:

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