Sunday, July 11, 2010

Psychometry Guitarist to Appear in Documentary

Jonathan Joubert, guitarist for Psychometry, will be appearing in a documentary by Criss Drunk. Titled Cajun Hell, the documentary focuses on Louisiana's underground music scene.

Psychometry issued the following statement regarding Joubert's involvement in the film:

"Guitarist Jonathan Joubert was interviewed for a documentary about Louisiana's underground music scene. Miscellaneous Productions' documentary film, Cajun Hell, highlights one of Louisiana's underground punk bands, Mystic Fix. Jonathan Joubert is a veteran of Louisiana's music scene and was able to shed light on the determination of Mystic Fix to break through the barriers of Louisiana's cultural music traditions."

Joubert himself commented, "When most people think of Louisiana music they think of Zydeco, Cajun, Jazz, and Blues, but Louisiana has much more to offer the music world. It was a great opportunity to inform individuals from other parts of the country that there is, in fact, a thriving underground scene waiting to be brought to light. Heavy Metal, Funk, Punk, as well as a wide array of other genres are always forgotten about in Louisiana, but when you look just under the surface you can find every type of music the world has to offer right around the corner."

Further information on Cajun Hell can be found at the film’s official website. (Read More)


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