Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Randy Rhoads Documentary Features MAB

Michael Angelo Batio (ex - Nitro) was interviewed and filmed back on September 22nd for a new documentary about Randy Rhoads which is set for a 2008 release.

The film will also feature a performance of Angelo's masterpiece Tribute To Randy from his album Hand Without Shadows.

Here is what film director Peter Margolis said about his time with Michael. (Taken from

''Last Saturday I was honored to be able to spend 10 hours filming two performance pieces and an interview with Michael Angelo Batio.We arrived at the studio at noon. Michael arrived on time and with his guitar tech ready to work. He was extremely accommodating and kind and polite and happy to be a part of this film. We shot 14 takes of his performance as I manipulated the camera in every conceivable position to properly photograph this event. He never once complained and replicated his tribute to Randy with 100% perfect accuracy every time. My respect level for him rose exponentially as the day progressed. Not only is he probably the most technically gifted hard rock/ heavy metal guitarist I have ever witnessed up close, he is equally adept at many other styles of guitar as he played anything and everything for the crew between takes.Then to top it off, after a grueling day of filming he sat down for a candid interview.He was articulate and passionate about how Randy affected the path he chose with the guitar. This interview was a highlight for me and I am certain will be for the viewers of the film.''

In 1982 Randywas killed when his small plane struck Ozzy Osbournes touring bus before and the film hopes to capture the importance and significance of the 25th anniversary of Randy's passing.

The film is directed by Pater Margolis and will be released courtesy of Dakota Pictures.

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