Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 10 Death Songs

When Chuck Schuldiner passed away in December 2001 at the age of 34, the metal community lost yet another of its great innovators. As the guitarist and vocalist for Death, Schuldiner was known for going above and beyond the limitations of musical genre. During his 18-year career, he was known for bringing elements of jazz and other left-field musical styles into his captivating songwriting style.

As a homage to the late Schuldiner, Noisecreep has compiled a list of "top 10" Death songs. (Read More)

Dave Mustaine Talks About "Sudden Death"

Video footage of Megadeth's Dave Mustaine discussing the band's new track, "Sudden Death," is now available for streaming. The footage can be viewed below.

In reference to the track, which is set to appear as the finale piece in the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock game, Mustaine told RollingStone.com that he more than expects mixed reactions from fans. "I'm sure some fans will think it's the greatest thing we've ever done," he commented, "But other people will say it sucks. That's just the way of the world." Mustaine went on to say that "Sudden Death" has a "funky kind of polyrhythm to it" - a characteristic that will likely present the Guitar Hero elite with an even more difficult tune to master. "Just the sheer repetitiveness of it can blow people's minds. And, my guitar style is way different than [other Megadeth guitarist] Chris Broderick's. Chris plays with a lot of love and I play with a lot of hate. My guitar playing is explosions, and his is more like fireworks. When you are trying to emulate the two kind of guitar styles, it's tricky. I don't care what anyone says, you've gotta be good."

"I thought it was a great idea for us," continued Mustaine. "We've had experience with games in the past, and our songs have been in sports games and Grand Theft Auto, but we never really got into the Guitar Hero thing. When they talked to us about doing this, I never imagined it would be something this honorable."

"Only once in my career have I had this happen before," Mustaine said, referring to 1991's soundtrack for Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (which featured Megadeth's "Go to Hell"). "We had written something and Interscope told me to make the lyrics even darker. Activision heard the track, and said, 'We want more solos on it.' And I said, OK, I can do that.'"

Monday, August 30, 2010

John Fattoruso Discusses Latest Black Water Rising Album

In a recent interview Metal Underground.com, Black Water Rising guitarist John Fattoruso spoke about joining the band and working on the latest self-titled album

Fattoruso also discussed the highs and lows of the music industry, as well as his place in it: "You're playing in front of crowds every night and that was your job, and then all of a sudden you're back in a day job. You're like, Wow, what happened?" He then went on to comment on the appeal of Black Water Rising's sound, saying, "Any true metal head, and when I say metal head I don't mean thrash metal or death metal, I mean just someone who appreciates good heavy music, would definitely like it. If they want to hear good vocals, we've got it. If you want to hear screaming, it's on there too. We don't shy away from anything." (Read More)

Album Review - Paul Tauterouff – Audio Chocolate

Paul Tauterouff is a highly respected guitarist, live sound, studio recording engineer and guitar teacher living in upstate New York.

He has been playing guitar since 1979, and is influenced by guitarists Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, Adrian Smith, Glenn Tipton and Wolf Hoffman. He has played and mixed countless shows in the tri-state area over the past 25 years.

Paul is just about to release his debut solo album Audio Chocolate. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy. It rocks, it stomps, it’s well worth checking out. Let’s dive in.

The album opens with the instrumental track Bitty Bop, a hard rock/old school metal number with a riff straight out of the British metal scene of the late 70s early 80s. Rather than shamelessly flailing all over the frets, the lead guitar follows very vocal-like melodies. A foot stomper for sure.

Track 2, Voices, is the album’s first vocal track. Opening with a haunting piano section by Dustin Graham before dropping into a tasty hard rock solo, with husky vocals coming courtesy of Johnny Ryan, and a guest solo by Nick Layton, this is an all American sounding affair.

The third track, Frozen Heart, was reviewed by Guitar Player magazine editor Michael Molenda, who described the track as “bouyant and melodic”, with a “fat and present tone”, and he wasn’t wrong.

Third Heartbreak kicks off with a clean guitar riff, which becomes the canvas for some of the tastiest clean phrases on the record. The track then morphs into a hard rock power ballad, allowing Paul, and guest soloists Jon Finn and Shane Theriot to pull-off their best John Sykes impressions. All serve the song tremendously.

Track 5 is a rootin’ tootin’ Southern Rock affair. With Johnny Ryan’s raspy vocals, Pete Hartley’s insane fiddle shredding and Paul’s guitar work, Rebel is an album highlight.

Sapphire is essentially a modern blues track, but Paul knows how to work a key, so exciting guitar skills and aural thrills are ever present. Keys by Donny Wilkins.

The seventh track, Suburb Blues, sees the most guest musicians on the album. Jim Dix delivers a great vocal performance, Donny Wilkins has fun on keys and John Tutino gives a lesson in phrasing on the saxophone. Not to be out done, Paul brings the pain, riffing up a storm and laying down some world class solos.

Frozen Heart – T2 Edition, is the vocal edition of track 3, featuring Peter Tamdog’s powerful operatic vocals and Kevin Hamm on bass.

Track 9, The Journey, kicks off with a wah laden riff and a funky bassline, morphs into a power ballad and finally fades out with an ambient Moorish feel, complemented throughout by Cheryl Pyle on the flute. Also, Paul drops his best solos on the record.

The final track, Farewell, is based solely on a clean rhythm guitar chord progression. Paul floats clean lead guitar on top, and gives way to John Tutino’s saxophone (lots of cool ideas for guitar here). Paul and John then twist and dance around each other’s phrases, which finally fades out the album.

What I really enjoyed was how Paul makes a gentlemanly nod to his influences, rather than wearing them on his sleeve, allowing his own musical voice to sine through. Not particularly genre specific, but there is more than enough high level guitar (and sax!) work available to satisfy all but the most extreme shred fans. All in all, a very listenable album.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kamelot Sampler Track Now Available Online

Kamelot has posted a sampler track online that promotes the upcoming release of their Poetry for the Poisoned album. The Florida power metallers will release their latest studio album via their own record label, Kamelot Media Group/KMG Recordings, on September 14, 2010.

The newly available sampler track, which is a medley of songs from Poetry for the Poisoned, can be streamed via the band's MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/kamelot. The band has also issued the following remarks on the sampler:

"We've posted a medley from some of the songs from our upcoming Poetry For The Poisoned album for everyone to enjoy!

"Let us know what you think of the sample!

"If you haven’t pre-ordered the album yet, please visit www.poetryforthepoisoned.com and help support the band by reserving your copy, thanks!" (Read More)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slash Honoured at Sunset Strip Music Festival

When the Sunset Strip Music Festival kicked off on Thursday, August 26, the first order of business was to pay homage to the 2010 SSMF honouree Slash. The event was held at the House of Blues with radio veteran Jim Ladd as host. Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister, Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx, and Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell were among the personalities who spoke at the special event.

Whilst on stage, Slash remarked:

"Picking up the guitar for the first time in West Hollywood, then learning how to play in West Hollywood, starting a band in West Hollywood, and making it in West Hollywood. Getting a record deal at Geffen on Sunset which was the same place my dad used to work at when I was a kid. So I never left here. Everything in my life that is of any importance started in West Hollywood. And the Sunset Strip is like… such a part of me. So to be honored by the Sunset Strip is just a major, major thing for me." (Read More)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Earache Records Unveils Video Website

Renowned British independent record label Earache Records has just unveiled Earache.TV, a brand new video website.

A long-time innovator in the extreme music scene, Earache Records is striving to make all of its videos available for viewing online, free of charge. The new website already showcases a massive selection of videos.

In addition to the usual selection of promotional music videos from the label's bands, Earache.TV also contains a selection of full live shows from many of those same artists. Interviews and documentaries from the label's various DVD releases are also available on the site. (Read More)

Testament Guitarist to Appear on Tonight's Edition of The Metal Command

Eric Peterson, guitarist for San Francisco Bay Area's Testament, is slated to be intervied on tonight's (Friday, August 27) edition of The Metal Command. The show airs on 88.3 WBWC in Cleveland, Ohio and can be listed to live via the Internet at 11:00 PM EST on the staton's official website.

Peterson is also set to make an in-store appearance at GearHounds Guitars & Music Gear in Lake Elsinore, California tomorrow (Saturday, August 28) at 3:00 PM. Peterson will perform a short set which will act as a spotlight for his signature Dean Old Skull V guitar (which is curretly available in music stores in an array of locations, as well as online). He well also sign autographs and pose for pictures after the performance.

On the subject of his Dean guitar, Peterson previously said, "It's a guitar I've been playing for a while, and I think people will enjoy the action. It's got triple-binding, all-black EMG pick-ups, block inlay, and some really cool artwork. Not too much, but enough to keep it evil!"

Dean guitars will be giving away tickets at the GearHound event for the August 29 American Carnage show in San Diego. Fans who show up early will receive a raffle ticket for the giveaway. More information can be found by going to www.gearhounds.com .

Recently, Testament frontman Chuch Billy spoke with LoudTrax.com about the songwriting process for the follow-up to 2008's The Formation of Damnation: "We really want to pretend like we're still writing songs for The Formation of Damnation. We kind of just want to have that mindset and write 10 more tunes as if they were supposed to be on that record."

In the same interview, Billy commented on Testament's continued collaboration with British producer Andy Sneap, who has worked with the likes of Machine Head, Megadeth, Nevermore, Exodus, and Arch Enemy:

"He's a musician first of all before being a producer, and so he understands the style of music and what it takes. If you get a producer who hasn't produced a metal band before, it won't sound good even though he does a good job with big bands that aren't metal. There's a real art to making fast drums and heavy guitars sound clean. So there is a challenge for mixing metal bands and I think Andy's really got a grasp on that as a musician."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Troll Appearance at Aronnesrocken Festival Stirs Up Controversy

On August 20, Norwegian black metallers Troll appeared at the Aronnesrocken Festival in Alta, Norway. Troll's appearance at the festival stirred up controversy with the local branch of the ultra-conservative Christian Democratic Party, which also happens to be part of the list of festival supporters. The Christian Democratic Party have threatened to withdraw their support for the festival as a consequence. Their objections stem from the belief that Troll's lyrics are of a Satanic and anti-Christian nature.

In response to this opposition, Troll has issued an official statement regarding the matter:

"We are not at all worried by what has been said about us by the Christian Democratic Party in Alta, and the local press, and the only reason we have chosen to speak out is because of the threat made to withdraw support from Aronnesrocken, a festival simply trying to provide a variety of bands that would satisfy everyone's tastes and make sure that everyone has a good time listening to some great music." (Read More)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Janick Gers Chats About New Iron Maiden Album with Talking Metal Pirate Radio

On July 11, Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers appeared on Talking Metal Pirate Radio and talked about the making of the band's newest album, The Final Frontier. The nine-minute clip, which was shot, produced and edited by Jay Bones, can now be streamed via Blabbermouth.net.

The Final Frontier is Iron Maiden's 15th studio release. It sold 63,000 copies in its first week of release in the U.S. and entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 4. To date, the album has registered the following first-week chart positions:

Norway: #1
Finland: #1
United Kingdom: #1
Sweden: #1
Switzerland: #1
Canada: #1
Netherlands: #2
Australia: #2
Ireland: #3
U.S.: #4
Belgium: #6 (Read More)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reissue of Candlemass' Nightfall to Include New Liner Notes

On September 20, the reissue of Candlemass' 1987 album, Nightfall, will hit the shelves. The classic album from the Swedish doom metallers has been reissued by Peaceville Records and features new liner notes from bassist/songwriter Leif Edling. The special edition vinyl release is limited to 2,000 numbered copies and is presented on heavyweight (180-gram) gold-colored vinyl with gatefold sleeve.

Nightfall is commonly regarded as the definite Candlemass album. It is also regarded by many as the pinnacle of the epic doom scene. (Read More)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Guitarist Dan Mongrain Talks About Landing Voivod Gig

Recently, 69 Faces of Rock's Mark Kadzielawa had the chance to chat with guitarist Dan Mongrain. In the interview, Mongrain discusses how he ended up landing a gig with Voivod.

69 Faces Of Rock: How did you get involved with Voivod?

Dan Mongrain: First of all, let me say that Voivod is my favorite band of all time. I remember being 11 years old and listening to Killing Technology. I didn't even play guitar at that time. I bought a guitar after I saw these guys on Musique Plus (Canadian music television), and started to play. It was [the] "Ravenous Medicine" video clip they showed, and it was just awesome. I decided to play guitar at that very moment. (Read More)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rare Rainbow Clips Posted Online

Robert Daisley, who was the bassist for Rainbow from 1977 to 1979, has made some rare band footage available to fans via the Internet. Daisy released some high-quality videos featuring Rainbow playing "Gates of Babylon", "Long Live Rock 'N' Roll" and "L.A. Connection" at a New York studio. The performance in question took place prior to the release of the band's 1978 album, Long Live Rock 'N' Roll. The videos can be streamed below.

Following the death of Ronnie James Dio in May 2010, Daisley issued the following statement regarding the legendary vocalist:

"With the sad passing of my friend and colleague, the world has lost a great man. Not only was he a unique singer, musician and writer, he was a very special human being.

"Long live rock 'n' roll and long live the memory of the great Ronnie James Dio. He'll be sadly missed in many ways. Bless him."

Despite being credited on the Long Live Rock 'N' Roll liner notes, both Daisley and David Stone joined Rainbow after the recording sessions for the band's third studio album were underway. The pair appear on only a few tracks. The majority of the bass parts were played by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll was the last Rainbow album to feature Ronnie James Dio as vocalist. He was eventually replaced by Graham Bonnet after departing to join Black Sabbath.

Marty Friedman to Take Part in Japanese Signing Sessions

Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman is scheduled to take part in a series of promotional autograph sessions throughout Japan at the end of August. The sessions will follow the August 25 release of his tenth studio album, Bad D.N.A., and will act as a primer for his upcoming tour, which is slated to kick off later this year. Friedman's first Japanese signing session will take place on August 28 at DynaCity (Canyon Stage) in Odawara. That same day, Friedman will make an appearance on Fuji-TV's longest running music program, Music Fair.

Bad D.N.A. will be released in Japan via Avex. Friedman himself produced the album, while engineering duties were headed over by Steve Hardy and Shinnosuke Miyazawa. It was recorded in April/May 2010 at The Village in Los Angeles, California. (Read More)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Audio Interview with Wolf Hoffmann Now Available

On August 20, Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal of Metal Assault chatted with Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. The interview is now available for streaming in two parts via the Metal Assault website.

In May 2010, German heavy metal legends Accept debuted a new line-up to a sold-out crowd in New York. The band then traveled to Europe where they played shows in 16 different countries in 80 days. Now, after 14 years, Accept is set to return to the U.S. where they will be part of a co-headlining tour with King's X. Their first show will kick off the eleventh annual ProgPower USA tour in Atlanta, Georgia.

Accept's latest album, Blood of the Nations, will be released across the globe on the following dates:

August 20: Europe (via Nuclear Blast)
September 4: Japan (via Universal)
September 14: North America (via Nuclear Blast) (Read More)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Randy Rhoads Commemorative Wine Launched

Kathryn Rhoads D'Argenzio, D'Argenzio Winery and sister to the late Randy Rhoads, has been trying to find a way to honour her brother since his tragic passing whilst on tour with Ozzy Osbourne in 1982. Now it seems she has finally settled on a tribute.

Both the Rhoads and the D'Argenzio families have decided to honour the life, music, and legacy of Randy Rhoads through the production of a special edition 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. It was unveiled to the public on August 15 during a release event that evening in Burbank, California at the D'Argenzio Winery's tasting room.

The wine is produced and bottled in Sonoma County in Northern California. It is limited edition and is available only through the Santa Rosa and Burbank tasting rooms. It is also available through the official website, www.dargenziowine.com. (Read More)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joe Satriani to Release New Album in October

Renowned electric guitarist Joe Satriani is set to release his 14th studio album, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards, in October 2010. The album will be released on October 4 internationally and on October 5 in the U.S. via Epic Records.

Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards will feature Satriani's classic sound accompanied by a rich texture which is just as new as it is surprising. Already the first single, "Light Years Away," has become an anticipated hit, along with several other high-energy tracks such as "Wormhole Wizards" and "Premonition."

The track listing for Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards is as follows:

01. Premonition
02. Dream Song
03. Pyrrhic Victoria
04. Light Years Away
05. Solitude
06. Littlleworth Lane
07. The Golden Room
08. Two Sides To Every Story
09. Wormhole Wizards
10. Wind in the Trees
11. God is Crying (Read More)

Iron Maiden's The Final Frontier on the Way to No. 3 on Billboard Chart

The Final Frontier, Iron Maiden's latest release, is estimated to sell between 65,000 and 75,000 copies during its first week of release in the U.S. alone. The estimate, which was projected by industry website Hits Daily Double, was based on the one-day sales report compiled after the album hit record store shelves on August 17. In fact, the numbers are so high that the veteran British metallers will secure the No. 3 position on next week's Billboard 200 chart.

The Final Frontier is Iron Maiden's 15th studio album. In the U.K., the album has already sold 22,000 copies this week alone, meaning the band is on its way to a No. 1 chart position in their home country. Also, The Final Frontier has sold three times as many copies as Eminem's Recovery - an album which sits just slightly ahead of Maiden's release on the Billboard chart. (Read More)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kirk Hammett Interviewed at Joey Ramone Tribute Event

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was among the special guests at this year's sixth annual Joey Ramone tribute. The event was held on July 25 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Hammett introduced Ramone's favourite film: James Whale's 1935 horror classic, Bride of Frankenstein - a film which is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary. Hammett reflected on his friendship with Ramone and his love of the timeless cinematic masterpiece.

Eric Blair (of The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show) had the chance to interview Hammett whilst at the tribute event. The interview can be streamed via Blabbermouth.net. (Read More)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chimaria Cancels U.K. Tour

Chimaria have announced that they will be cancelling their U.K. tour due to illness. The Cleveland, Ohio metallers recently released the following statement:

"Due to an acute illness, we must cancel our upcoming U.K. tour. The band was really looking forward to the shows especially coming off a successful run in the U.S. as part of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. Alas, health comes first, as it should for us all. Sorry to those who planned on attending, but as the Governor of California once said, 'We'll be back.' or something like that." (Read More)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Magnus to Release New Album in September

Polish extreme metal band Magnus will release a new album on September 15. Titled Acceptance of Death, the album will be distributed via Witching Hour Productions and will be made available as both a 10-panel exclusive digipack and a 12-inch picture LP (hand numbered and limited to 500 copies).

Acceptance of Death was recorded in three separate studios: Tower, DSP, and ATK. Marcin Bors handled mixing and mastering duties at Fonoplastykon Studio. (Read More)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Volbeat Guitarist Forced to Miss U.S. Shows

Danish metal rockers Volbeat have issued an update concerning guitarist Thomas Bredahl:

"To our U.S. fans: We'll be playing the first handful of our U.S. shows without Thomas on guitar. Immigration is giving him a real hard time because of an incident concerning theft of a barstool back in the day. He wasn't exactly a juvenile delinquent or anything, but to Homeland Security it's all the same. We hope to have him on board shortly. Our guitar tech will stand in for the time being and we'll, of course, keep you updated."

Volbeat's fourth studio album, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven, is scheduled for a fall 2010 release. The album, which will be released via Vertigo/Universal, will hit shelves on September 10 in Germany and in most parts of Europe on September 13. (Read More)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pantera's Anniversary Radio Special Announced

As part of the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Pantera's renown Cowboys From Hell album, Envision Radio Networks, Rhino Records and Full Metal Jackie are bringing fans a free one-hour radio special. The radio show will feature new interviews with the members of Pantera - singer Philip Anselmo, bassist Rex Brown, and drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott.

The Full Metal Jackie Pantera Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Special will give fans a sneak peek into the three different anniversary reissues of the album. Two of the Cowboys From Hell reissues are slated for a September 14 release (via Rhino Records) with the third reissue scheduled to be released on Novemeber 23. (Read More)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Death Angel Guitarist Discusses New Album

MetalunderGround.com's Emily Hingle (a.k.a. Buick McKane) recently had the chance to interview Death Angel guitarist Ted Aguilar. The interview was conducted prior to the band's August 8 concert in New Orleans, Louisiana and can be streamed via MetalUnderground.com.

Death Angel is set to release it's new album, Relentless Retribution, via Nuclear Blast Records on September 3 in Europe and and September 14 in the U.S. Recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida, the album was produced by Jason Suecof and the cover art was created by Brent Elliot White.

The track listing for Relentless Retribution is as follows:

01. Relentless Revolution
02. Claws in So Deep
03. Truce
04. Into the Arms of Righteous Anger
05. River of Rapture
06. Absence of Light
07. This Hate
08. Death of the Meek
09. Opponents at Sides
10. I Chose the Sky
11. Volcanic
12. Where They Lay (Read More)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Richard Fortus Featured on Pagan Single

Pagan's latest single, "Bitter," is set to hit stores worldwide on October 5 via Genepool/Universal. The gothic horror-inspired metal act's single is the first to be released off the A Season in Hell album and features guitarist Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses. A Season in Hell, which is scheduled for a winter release, is the follow-up to Pagan's highly successful and critically acclaimed full-length debut, On Black Wings.

Pagan is led by cult filmmaker Michael Bilinski. The band has been mixing dark, ambient sound scapes with industrial strength guitars since it's debut EP was launched on Halloween 2006. (Read More)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Testament Guitarist on "The Shred Epidemic"

Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has authored a new blog that deals with what he calls "The Shred Epidemic." The blog is hosted by GuitarPlayer.com. Below is an excerpt from an entry by Skolnick:

"I don't consider myself a 'shredder.' I realize this is a statement that may be surprising to some, but it's true. There are those who call me a shredder and I don't take it as an insult. But I hope there's more to me as a musician - otherwise I should just quit now.

"For one moment, let's compare the role of a guitar player to that of a cook. 'Shredding,' that oft-used term to describe fast soloing, can be compared to its culinary equivalent. In other words, whether we're talking about scales and modes or cabbage and chicken, both scenarios involve chopping items into very small bits. A less literal but more pragmatic comparison might be the following: 'shredding' within a piece of music is like adding any strong ingredient such as basil or hot pepper to a recipe. Used tastefully, it can enhance an existing dish with a touch of spice and intensity. But used unsparingly and egomaniacally, it can overpower the creation and ruin it entirely. Who wants to eat a dish where all you taste is one ingredient?

"I've been described as a shredder by radio hosts and fans. Knowing they mean it endearingly, I smile and take it with a proverbial grain of salt (that other potentially overpowering ingredient). But when labeled as such by websites, blogs, magazines, and those on-line music guides, especially the ones that have the gall to use the word 'genius' to describe themselves, it can be difficult to digest. Sometimes it causes heartburn." (Read More)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Chimaira Guitarist Interviewed in Atlanta

Metal Mark of SkullsNBones.com recently had the chance to interview Chimaira guitarist Matt DeVries. The interview was conducted on August 1 at the Atlanta, Georgia stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. The chat can be streamed here.

Chimaira's latest CD/DVD box set was released on July 20 via Ferret Music. Included in the set is a four-part documentary that was filmed over the course of a year and a half. The package in its entirety contains over seven hours of exclusive content. The HD DVD features Chimaira in the studio whilst recording their 2009 release, The Infection. It also chronicles the band's more recent worldwide touring session. (Read More)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adagio Guitarist's Solo Album to Feature Guest Appearances by Members of Motörhead and Nevermore

Stéphan Forté - guitarist for the French neo-classical metal act Adagio - is currently in the studio recording his first instrumental solo album. Titled The Shadows of Compendium, the album will hit stores before the end of 2010 and is slated to feature guest appearances by Phil Campbell (Motörhead), Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Rusty Cooley and Derek Taylor, among others. Keyboard and piano tracks will be performed by Kevin Codfert, who will also handle the mixing and recording duties for Compendium. Designer Perrine Perez Fuente will be in charge of the album artwork and photos for Forté's solo effort. (Fuente previously worked with Adagio on the reissue of the band's live album, A Band in Upperworld.)

A recent press release has stated that The Shadows of Compendium will feature nine songs, described as "really heavy and very dark and shred-oriented." (Read More)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Queen Guitarist Interviewed on Fresh Air

Terry Gross, host of Fresh Air - WHYY's national weekday magazine of contempory arts and issues - recently had the chance to conduct and in-depth interview with Brian May. The interview with the Queen guitarist can be streamed here.

On the topic of vocalist Freddie Mercury's sexuality, May said:

"I think it was an undiscussed thing for a long time. The truth of the matter is nobody should care. Why should anyone care what sexual persuasion people have? It's about the music, and Freddie would have been the first to say that. He never hid the fact that he was turned on by men instead of by women, but strange enough, I don't think it was always the case. Because in the early days, we used to share rooms. So in the early days, I know who Freddie slept with, and they weren't men, but I think it gradually changed. And I have no idea how these things work, but it wasn't really anybody's business but his, and we never talked about it as if it were important. Why should it be important? We just made music together."

More interview excerpts can be found at NPR.org. (Read More)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sevendust and 10 Years to Join Forces for HardDrive Live Tour

The Pulse of Radio recently announced that Sevendust and 10 Years are slated to lead the lineup of the second annual HardDrive Live tour. Anew Revolution and Since October will also appear on the bill. Dates and venues will be officially announced on Monday, August 16. Official information regarding tickets, VIP packages, meet-and-greet passes, etc. have yet to be revealed.

Sponsored by HardDrive - a nationally syndicated radio program - last year's festival featured Lacuna Coil, All That Remains, and a number of other acts.

This isn't the first time Sevendust and 10 Years have spent time on the road together. However, according to 10 Years vocalist Jesse Hasek, the bands are not as wild whilst on tour as they once were: "In our experience and our age — we're getting a little bit older — you realize that this is a business and you can't jeopardize the performance by partying too much," he said. "For me, being the vocalist, I've really found the line. I can't do that stuff every night and expect to get up there and perform to the, my capabilities and everything." (Read More)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kerry King to Guest Star on Full Metal Jackie

Slayer axeman Kerry King is scheduled to make a guest appearance on this weekend's (August 6-8) edition of the natiionally syndicated radio show, Full Metal Jackie. Also on the show will be premieres of new music from the likes of Murderdolls and Return to Earth.

A full list of stations carrying the program (as well as airing times) can be found at FullMetalJackieRadio.com. (Read More)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tracy G Interviewed on Heavy Metal Mayhem

Former Dio guitarist Tracy "G" Grijalva was interviewed this past Sunday (August 1) during the latest edition of the Heavy Metal Mayhem radio show with Mike "The Big Cheese." The audio interview can be streamed via Blabbermouth.net.

In late May 2010, Grijalva posted his condolences for the late Ronnie James Dio:

"My condolences for Wendy Dio and all the Dio family for their loss. My prayers are with all of you. I worked with Ronnie for six years and it was a truly amazing time. Long live Ronnie James Dio, one of the greatest rock vocalists ever!"

Grijalva left Dio in 1999, citing the band's desire "for more of a Ritchie Blackmore style" and its intention to assign him to rhythm guitar duties as the reasons behind his departure. (Read More)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soilwork Guitarist/Producer Interviewed in Chicago

On July 22, FourteenG's Karma E. Omowale sat down with Peter Wichers - guitarist for and producer of Sweeden's Soilwork. The interview is now available for streaming in three parts via Blabbermouth.net.

The Panic Broadcast - Soilwork's latest album - sold roughly 5,300 copies in the U.S. in its first week of release and debuted at No. 88 on The Billboard 200 chart. The album was released in Europe on July 2 and in North American on July 13 via Nuclear Blast Records. It was mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street studio in Örebro, Sweden.

Broadcast's predecessor, titled Sworn to a Great Divide, was released in October 2007 and sold 5,000 units and landed a No. 148 spot on Billboard. (Read More)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sepultura Writing New Material on the Road

Phoenix Radio's Miss Bomb recently conducted an interview with guitarist Andreas Kisser of Sepultura for The Bombshell Rock Show. The chat is scheduled to air on Thursday, August 5 and Thursday, August 12 at 9:00 PM in the U.K. at www.phoenixradio.co.uk.

Sepultura are currently on the road promoting A-Lex - their latest album which is based on the 1962 Anthony Burgess classic A Clockwork Orange. The band have apparently begun to write new material for a follow-up release in 2011 via their new record label, Nuclear Blast Records.

"It's always a challenge to write something, you know, and we are in this moment now because we are preparing a new album," stated Kisser during the interview for Bombshell. (Read More)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Haunted Forced to Cancel Last Three Shows on Slayer Tour

The Haunted have announced the cancellation of their last three shows on the current Slayer tour. The Swedish metallers issued the following update:

"We are sorry to announce that due to an illness that required immediate medical attention, we are forced to cancel our last three performances as support to Slayer. We are, of course, very sad for this, and would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

The following dates are affected:

August 2: 013 - Tilburg, Holland
August 3: 013 - Tilburg, Holland
August 5: Volkshaus - Zurich, Switzerland (Read More)