Thursday, August 26, 2010

Troll Appearance at Aronnesrocken Festival Stirs Up Controversy

On August 20, Norwegian black metallers Troll appeared at the Aronnesrocken Festival in Alta, Norway. Troll's appearance at the festival stirred up controversy with the local branch of the ultra-conservative Christian Democratic Party, which also happens to be part of the list of festival supporters. The Christian Democratic Party have threatened to withdraw their support for the festival as a consequence. Their objections stem from the belief that Troll's lyrics are of a Satanic and anti-Christian nature.

In response to this opposition, Troll has issued an official statement regarding the matter:

"We are not at all worried by what has been said about us by the Christian Democratic Party in Alta, and the local press, and the only reason we have chosen to speak out is because of the threat made to withdraw support from Aronnesrocken, a festival simply trying to provide a variety of bands that would satisfy everyone's tastes and make sure that everyone has a good time listening to some great music." (Read More)

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