Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cool Shred Vids

Hello again. Current results of the blog's poll show precisely, that some of you want some links to good shred videos. So here we go!

There are some players on YouTube, who earned considerable popularity and became a kind of YT guitar community stars; I suppose many of you know the names of Gustavo Guerra, Cesar Huesca, Mattrach, or Toni Lloret and have seen at least a few renditions of Canon Rock. However, you can find dozens of equally gifted and skilled guitarists out there... sometimes you just have to search a bit.

Stephen Ross has already released a Shrapnel album entitled "Midnight Drive". It's nothing shocking as he's the man of outstanding skill. Just watch!

Matthew Mills is an amazing neo-classical player as well as Shred Academy instructor. His videos demonstrate just insane technique and also the cool "Yngwish" sound fitting that music style perfectly.

If Muris Varajic had been born in the USA instead of Bosnia, his name would have probably been as big as Vai's today. On the other hand, he wouldn't have composed such an amazig, Balkan-feel song like Mojo Oro. Extremely versatile, extremely creative, extremely precise and accomplished.

Dave Celentano is more known as a renowned guitar teacher and author of several instuctional books than as a player. Despite that fact, his abilities can make your jaw hit the floor and stay there for some time. On of the best tappers out there! Take a look.

Dr.Viossy - great Italian shredder. An awesome rendition of famous Paganini's 24th Caprice.

Fantastic take on Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight Of The Bumblebee by very talented young player - Fernando Dutra. Check out also his version of MAB's No Boundaries and keep this name on mind!

And here's Rainier - another guitar prodigy, this time from Philippines.

Enjoy and wait for more to be posted soon!

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