Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Album review - Katrina Johansson "Love Surrender Forgiveness"

Influenced by Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Satriani, Michael Angelo Batio, Jimi Hendrix, Ty Tabor and Peter Lindgren, Katrina Johansson is back with a follow-up to her first EP, Guitarsongs Volume I (2005).

Produced by Mike Hoffmann, with additional recording and mixing at Studio One with Chris Djuricic, Katrina’s new EP, Love Surrender Forgiveness, shows an undeniable leap in composition and technique.

The first impression I had after listening to the first three of the four tracks, was how much self expression was conveyed and how personal each song sounded.

Katrina has garnered a lot of respect and become a female icon in the male dominated genres of shred and instrumental rock, and this new EP puts her in contention for the “new queen of shred” title.

The first track, “Scar Tissue”, starts with a big, foot-stomping riff and a very singable melody line. This track really shows off Katrina’s legato phrases and the outro solo has some amazing alternate picking.

The “eastern” feel of track two, “Bellydance”, has a very interesting melody (something to do with Katrina’s love of sweat inducing Indian food, maybe?). Look out for the nice build-up of tension before a very seductive break at around 2:24. This song got me thinking about Mesopotamia and pretty ladies behind coloured veils.

The title track, “Love Surrender Forgiveness”, is (to my ears at least) the most personal and reflective track. Katrina plays beautiful phrases throughout the song which keeps a very tender feel compared to the rest of the tracks on this hard rocking EP.

The remix of K-9 Lullaby showcases (for those who missed her first EP) Karina’s wonderful call and answer phrasing, with none other than the powerful Michael Angelo Batio on bass.

This new EP is definitely a step in the right direction for this vegetarian and Dean Guitars endorsee. Just one question: When will we see a full album?

Track listing:

1. Scar Tissue
2. Bellydance
3. Love Surrender Forgiveness
4. K-9 Lullaby


Katrina Johansson - Guitars
Wolfe - Drums
Mike Hoffmann - Bass, Slide Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Michael Angelo Batio - Bass (K-9 Lullaby)
Brad Rohrssen - Drums (K-9 Lullaby)

For more about Katrina visist www.katrinaguitar.com/


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