Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shred round-up

This week we take a quick look at some of what is happening in the world of shred.

Vinnie Moore’s new album "To The Core" should be a knockout. "I think this is my best creative effort yet. It has taken a while because I have been on the road so much and I can't wait to get it out there for people to hear," Vinnie said. It is out this month.

Steve Vai will appear in the forthcoming Spinal Tap album Back From The Dead - to be released in June. The album includes 19 songs and an hour-long DVD.

Tony MacAlpine sold two of his guitars, a Carvin T-MAC 6-string and T-MAC 7-string. Both guitars appeared on both G3 Denver and G3 Tokyo DVDs, the Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD, and the Steve Vai "Live At The Astoria" DVD.

Joe Stumps new album Virtuostic Vendetta is doing well. Keep watching for a review on Shred Academy.

Paul gilbert has a new version of his Ibanez signature model out, the PGM 401, as well as a new signature flanger pedal called the AIRPLANE FLANGER. Paul also has a new eq pedal out from HomeBrew Electronics called the "Detox EQ".

Rusty Cooley has a new signature amp out by Peavey called the 3120, as well as 4 new solid colours (black, white, red and silver) for his signature Dean guitar.

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