Monday, September 21, 2009

Missing: One Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist

On September 20, Los Angeles-based metal act Five Finger Death Punch posted the following statement:

"We have not been able to locate Zoltan [Bathory, guitar] from Five Finger Death Punch since Friday night's [September 18] show in Las Vegas. He has not responded to calls, text messages, or emails, and he was last seen around 2:00 a.m. Friday night at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Casino, taking tequila shots at the bar with a group of guys from a bachelor party who came to the show.

"If anybody has any information as to the whereabouts of Zoltan, please email immediately. This is not like him and the band needs to prepare for the upcoming tour. We have already notified the appropriate authorities, but any help Vegas fans might be able to provide is very much appreciated."

Later, it was noted that someone logged into the guitarist's MySpace profile, which aroused suspicions of the story's legitimacy.

Five Finger Death Punch begin their The Shock and Roar Tour on September 22 in San Francisco, California and are scheduled to finish in early November. Also on the tour roster are OTEP, Shadows Fall, and 2Cents.

UPDATE (Sept. 21/09): Five Finger Death Punch later issued a statement announcing that Bathory had been found, saying, "We just talked to him and although he sounded somewhat incoherent, he says he'll be fine and the tour will start as planned tomorrow!! Sorry if he worried anyone!"

The band did not provide any information regarding Bathory's whereabouts during the three days he was "missing," nor did they offer an explanation as to why the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had no record of the band filing a missing persons report.

Given the fact that September 22 marks the date for both the beginning of the band's The Shock and Roar Tour and the U.S. release of their new album, War is the Answer, it has been speculated that Bathory's "disappearance" was merely a publicity stunt.

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