Tuesday, September 29, 2009

V2 Angry Fuzz by Visual Sound

Manufacturer: Visual Sound
Official Site: www.visualsound.net
Price: £130.00
Current Draw: 11-17mA
Dimensions: 3" x 5 11/16" (78 x 144mm)

Despite its name, there's nothing to be angry about when it comes to this fuzz pedal by Visual Sound. With an easy-to-use layout and a variety of fuzz tones, two of which are octave-up and octave-down overtones, the Angry Fuzz is well-worth the look.


The Angry Fuzz features three level controls: volume, fuzz, and (fittingly enough) "Anger." There's also an effect on/off LED and a bright switch. The pedal itself is designed to be tough and has die-cast aluminum housing. In addition, there's an ultra-heavy-duty on/off footswitch that has been tested to withstand over ten million clicks without failing.

The volume control allows for a significant amount of boost to be dialed in. It also lets the user match processed and bypass tones. With regard to the fuzz control, there are ample options, ranging from subtle to full-out tones. The "Anger" level lets the user mix octave-up overtones in varying degrees.


The Angry Fuzz has plenty of character to spare and produces consistently satisfying fuzz effects. By adding in the octave effects of the Anger control, the tone is transformed into something that's sharp and perfect for soloing. Also, strumming chords produces an array of interesting octave-down tones. Fiddling with the Angry Fuzz's tone, volume and pickup settings will produce numerous overtones that are nothing short of outrageous.


Visual's Angry Fuzz pedal doesn't skimp on tone. Its bright switch and incredibly durable footswitch are definite positives. The palette of octave and fuzz tones adds to the high-performance of the pedal and makes it a must-try for fuzz lovers everywhere.

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