Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New release from Ron Jarzombek

Acclaimed guitarist Ron Jarzombek (BLOTTED SCIENCE, WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK) has set a September 15 release date for his solo album, 'PHHHP! Plus', which combines the cult fave 'PHHHP!' recordings with 12 additional cuts that delve further into the archives of the legendary guitarist's formative pre-WATCHTOWER days.

"I've been getting e-mails for years about properly releasing 'PHHHP!' on CD from people that had cassette copies of these demos some twenty years ago. I was hesitant for a long time because I was more interested in releasing new music rather than resurrecting the past", says Jarzombek.

"Eventually, I considered doing a digital-only release but I know a lot of fans, prog and metal fans in particular, still want that physical CD rather than just an mp3 for their iPod. So I came around to the idea of pressing up product after all but adding bonus tracks to really make it worthwhile. I started to go through old boxes of tapes and found stuff I didn't even remember I had - demos I recorded on my older brother Ralph's four-track machine over at his apartment while he was away at work. Some time later I got my own four-track recorder, held together with duct tape to keep it from falling apart, and began to record more songs, including 'Ants On My Windshield' and 'Fishies On Leashes' (originally written for my FATES WARNING audition ca. '86), which features my brother Bobby (Jarzombek) on drums. Finally, there is the 'PHHHP!' demos, a collection of a dozen songs I put together in the late 1980's and early '90s after I had already joined WATCHTOWER. None of these tunes were ever played with the band because either there were too many guitar parts, or because it was coming from a totally different musical perspective. If anything this was SPASTIC INK before there was SPASTIC INK."

'PHHHP! Plus' will be issued through Jarzombek's own EclecticElectric label. The album track listing reads as follows:

01. PHHHP!
02. Kill The White Noise
03. This Nice Blonde
04. Nighty-Nite
05. It Looks Like A Chicken
06. Oh No, Mr. Kitty!
07. Electrical Stud
08. Test Tones
09. Pre-Slam Discussions
10. Blink For Me
11. Zits In 3-D
12. That's Odd
13. The Blood Boogie
14. Ants On My Windshield
15. Tri-Vivace
16. Dead Machine
17. Hello There!
18. Die Bleeding
19. Let's Eat Glass
20. Fishies On Leashes
21. Blessed Corpse
22. The Respiratory Therapist Wanna-Be
23. Of The Essence
24. Razor Blade Baby
25. Bombs Away
26. The Slow Song

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