Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Comedic Stylings of Alex Lifeson

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson made an appearance on the latest edition of The Rick Mercer Report this week. The show aired on October 27. (The segment can be streamed below.)

The Rick Mercer Report is a Canadian comedy series that airs weekly on CBC. Since 2004, the half-hour show has been hosted by comedian Rick Mercer and features news parody, sketch comedy, satirical editorials, and special guests that range from politicians to musicians.

Earlier this month, Mercer and Lifeson were in Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side, that is) to film the segment for the show. The pair donned flight gear and made an attempt at skydiving by visiting the Niagara Freefall Indoor Skydiving facility on Stanley Avenue. They floated atop 225 km/hr (140 m/hr) winds which were generated by a jet engine.

"All we've been told is that it's harder than it looks," said the 56-year-old Lifeson, who co-founded Rush with bassist Geddy Lee some 40 years ago. "It's the string that's over the jet engine that's disconcerting." Mercer quickly added, "I just find standing over a jet engine disconcerting."

The television segment follows Mercer and Lifeson as they go on a "man-date." Mercer had previously heard about the indoor skydiving attraction from a co-worker and decided it would be the perfect venue. Mercer said: "Alex is apparently up for anything...or crazy, I haven't determined yet."

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