Friday, October 30, 2009

Slayer's Halloween Hijacking

Thanks to Slayer, this Halloween weekend will be a scary one (at least at MySpace Music).

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, Slayer will officially hijack the site's Music homepage as well as the new Music Video homepage. The band will dominate for the entirety of the Halloween weekend.

Visitors to MySpace Music will be treated to the exclusive premiere of Slayer's new album, World Painted Blood. Samples from the album, which is scheduled to hit stores on November 3, have already been made public (including "Hate Worldwide," "Psychopathy Red," and the title track), but this weekend the band will let fans hear "Public Display of Dismemberment," "Not of This God," "Snuff," and "Beauty Through Order."

Slayer's total seizure of MySpace Music will be achieved by filling every slot of the Music Video homepage with Slayer videos, behind the scenes clips, shout-outs, and other tidbits.

Fans can get even more creepy goodies by checking out the video graphic novel Playing with Dolls, which will be available for viewing only through MySpace Music and only through the weekend. It will be released on November 3 as part of the World Painted Blood deluxe edition.

Playing with Dolls was created and directed by Mark Brooks (Metalocalypse) and isn't simply a twenty-minute music video. Presented in twelve parts, Playing with Dolls is a stark nightmare that breathes life into Slayer's cryptic creations: serial killers, stalkers, and psychopaths. It merges all of these psyches into that of a single, merciless malcontent. The film follows the nameless protagonist as his methodical, lethal frenzy brings outbursts that can only be described as gruesome. Rather than being an indiscriminate murderer, the nameless man is portrayed as an artist with a sense of purpose. For him, murder is the only way forward. He chooses his victims carefully and his methods of murder are as varied and grisly as they are poetic.

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