Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gilby Clarke Rocovering After Motorcycle Accident

On January 10, former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke was riding his motorcycle when he found himself the victim of a hit and run accident. Clarke recently posted the following message on his website, detailing his recovery:

"Yes, some asshole in his pick up truck pulled a left as I was going through an intersection on my bike. JD and I were riding back from Pomona Easyriders show when it happened.

"Not only did this dumb ass driver pull in front of moving traffic, but he split the scene after he hit me. He doesn't know if i'm dead or what. I have three broken bones in my left foot and one broken bone in my right foot. My new Joe King helmet saved my skull, but I won't be walking for awhile. There were some really wonderful people at the scene that helped out quite a bit and I've heard from everyone i know, sending best wishes and speedy recovery. So to you, we will rock n' roll again!

"My 1st surgery went well and I'm home from the hospital. If everything looks good Friday, I can have the second surgery next week. Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and prayers...they're working."


John said...

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