Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paradox Parts Ways with Guitarist and Drummer

German metal band Paradox recently parted ways with guitarist Kai Pasemann and drummer Roland Jahoda. As for the reason behind the parting, the band said, "We had no choice, because we found out we have a different view on how to reach our goals."

"Skilled lead guitarists and drummers who want to work with us professionally on a long-term [basis can] contact us at"

In order to coincide with the band's 25th anniversary, Paradox plans to release its next studio album in February 2011.

Riot Squad, the band's fifth LP, was released via AFM Records on October 16, 2009. Claudio Bergamin designed the artwork for the album's cover. Riot Squad was produced by Charly Steinhauer with Achim Köhler behind the mixing and mastering. According to the official press release, the album features "10 crystal-clear and powerful sounding thrashers full of energy, speed, melody and originality."

The track listing for Riot Squad is as follows:

01. Suburban Riot Squad (5:07)
02. Hollow Peace (5:33)
03. Riptide (4:03)
04. Rise in Rank (4:26)
05. Evolution Reset (5:31)
06. Nothingness (5:24)
07. No Place to Survive (2:55)
08. Dream Hero (5:08)
09. Planet Terror (6:43)
10. Psychofficial (3:37)

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