Thursday, December 31, 2009

Netherbird Releases Cover Album

Death/black metal band Netherbird, which is based in Jönköping, Sweden, recently released a cover album entitled Covered in Darkness. The compilation is a tribute to the various bands and sound that brought them to "discover some aspect of music and it has partly become part of the sound of Netherbird." In an official press release, the band stated: "We have intentionally chosen to cover tunes that sound a little (and some even more) different from Netherbird and the music we do. The reason is simple; if we would have covered something akin to our own sound we would only make a copy and we prefer to create something new, to try some new angle and perhaps also make more people discover some songs they might have otherwise missed out on. With this said, it is also natural for me to say that these recordings were done almost three years ago but we have waited for the right moment to send them out. Our next CD will not sound like this at all so take these recordings for what they are: music.

"We hope you will be able to enjoy them and that it also shows you a little about the broad spectra of sounds that really make up Netherbird and that our influences go deep and broad. So be prepared for some surprises both in these tracks, we will always do the things we find interesting and as long as it is dark it is Netherbird, and so are these tunes."

The band’s current lineup is as follows:

Nephente - Vocals
Bizmark - Guitars, bass, keyboards
David Preissel - Drums
Artur Vladinovskij - Lead guitar (on track two)
Tinitus - Lead guitar (on track four)

The full release (four tracks) of Covered in Darkness has been made available for download. (To download the material to your computer, right-click and chose "Save target as...".)

* Download MP3s + PDF (zip 41mb)
* Download wave files + PDF (zip 194mb)

The above zip files also include album artwork in PDF format.

Individual tracks:

* "As I Die" (Paradise Lost) ---> MP3
* "Nepenthe" (Sentenced) ---> MP3
* "Alison Hell" (Annihilator) ---> MP3
* "Firmament Vacation" (T.S.O.O.L) ---> MP3

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