Monday, November 22, 2010

Asking Alexandria to Release Remix Album

English metalcore band Asking Alexandria recently completed a North American tour with All That Remains. The band will now spend the remainder of the year touring the U.K. on a series of headlining shows. The band has also announced the release of a remix album titled Stepped Up and Scratched (Stand Up and Scream Remix) in January 2011. The album will be a remixed, electro/dubstep version of the band's debut album Stand Up and Scream. it will also include all new artwork and packaging.

Guitarist Ben Bruce recently checked in with an update following the band's most recent tour:

"I can't really think of many words to sum up the All That Remains tour. The only words that really come to mind are fucking awesome. It was a great tour. We made some great friends during this five week trek across America and had some really amazing times. The crowds at every show were great. We had our loyal and dedicated fans come out to see us, and I feel like we won a lot of new fans on this tour as well." (Read More)

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