Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sorrows Path Announces Release Party

Greek act Sorrows Path has issued the following update regarding an upcoming record release show:

"Sorrows Path release live-party show for the new album The Rough Path of Nihilism, out from German Rock it Up Records! The band is back from Germany where they had their party for the new release in Karlsruhe and celebrate their official release at historical An Club in Athens, on Sunday, December 5! This time, they will also perform live the new songs plus some of their old, with very special guests and happenings.

"On stage, along with the band, there will be the well known fetish dancers, Zirconia, Alexia and Julia, with many participations in Greek and abroad show The guest vocalist of the new album, vocal teacher Eleni Danielson also taking part in backing vocals! Guest bands are the ex-EMI signed rock-metal doomsters Infidel, who are ready to release their new second album too and the mature progressive quartet Solid Faith, with some demos that earned great feedback in the past." (Read More)

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