Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dani Filth Issues Band Update

Cradle of Filth front man Dani Filth has issued the following blog update about the band's current and upcoming activity:

"Dear readers, belated happy Hallowe'en! Well, has the endless wait been worth it? The album has been out a fortnight in Europe and a week in the US and has garnered all kinds of remarkable press, from the utterly brilliant to the shit and insane. I love it. The circus starts again. At least on the front of it it seems that again we have divided peoples opinions. Love/hate, loathe/adore, suckle/chastise us; it's all so deliciously Catholic.

"Firstly let me apologize for the slight delay people have had to endure for the limited edition box-set, I know it's not cool, but the production was held up by all kinds of issues, so all I can do is to offer you my sincerest regret. And a test tube full of my love juice." (Read More)

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