Friday, December 24, 2010

Blood Mortilized Issues Band Update

Swedish death metal act Blood Mortilized has checked in with the following update about releasing a new EP and working on a new album:

"So the new MySpace design is driving us all maaaaad. Probably it will take some while until it improves. Meanwhile you should join us on our new Facebook profile. Some info about what is going on in the Blood Mortized camp?

"Well we have signed a contract for a cassette release of the all new Bestial EP. It will feature an arse kicking cover created for us by Daniel Devilish. The tape will be released in a strict 100 copies only, so be fast or cry like a baby later! We are talking to some labels and especially one, can't say which one. But hopefully this will lead to a CD release of the new EP AND a bit later it might get released on vinyl also. The cover for the CD version was created by our favorite Dutch artist Thomas Kynst." (Read More)

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