Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decadence Splits with Guitarist

Swedish melodic thrash metal act Decadence has issued an official update concerning their parting ways with guitarist Niklas Skogqvist. The band also gave an update about their plans to enter the studio:

"It's been a while since you last heard from us. We have an announcement to make before we can move on with more news. Niklas Skogqvist on 2nd guitar decided to leave the band last month. We have not yet decided if we will continue as a quartet. In fact, our music is more technically suited for two guitarists and we might therefore need a second guitarist again. Decadence is down to its solid quartet and we'll see which turn we take after that. Nicke felt that he had too many things going on in his life. He said Decadence needs a guitarist that gives 100% which he says he was not able to do.

"Some of his own words: 'I want you all to know that I've had an awesome experience with you. I have had so much fun during these two years and I really wish I could go on with it. I've always enjoyed being with you, both as musicians by my side and as four best buddies. Missing you already, and of course, this decision consists of many emotions. But as I said, it's been a blast being with you and you're awesome at what you do. So a big tribute to you, I know you will go far with this, and knowing you, you will never give up. I wish the best for you because you are the best.' - Nicke" (Read More)

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