Friday, December 31, 2010

Tomorrow's Outlook Releases Update on Forthcoming Album

Norwegian metallers Tomorrow's Outlook have issued an update regarding their forthcoming album, 34613:

"We have now been listening through the Master a couple of times and there is nothing we would like to change. It all sounds killer! We would like to thank our engineer for being patient with us and for doing such a great job. We didn't expect the recordings to turn out as great as they did. Colin Davis is a true magician, and I have been wondering lately why he ain't up there with the best metal/hard rock producers of today!

"Well, a few days ago I started to shop for labels. I shipped out 13 promo packs. 7 of them to Germany: Century Media Records, Limb Music, Nuclear Blast, Massacre Records, Pure Steel Records, Avenue Of Allies and Rock N Growl. The rest to: Lion Music (Finland), Spinefarm Records (Finland), Mascot Records (Holland), Inferno Records (France) and last but not least Rockadrome Records (USA).

"The more interest the better! And if we still can't secure a good deal we will release the album ourselves. This way we'll get more money and there's a bigger chance for a follow-up sometime soon. Wish us luck, friends... and have a great remaining Christmas and forthcoming new year. All the best from Sörvik 'Rock' City and Northern Norway." (Read More)

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