Saturday, December 11, 2010

Disbelief Comments on Tour Cancellation

Recently, it was announced that Christmas Metal Meeting 2010 with Disbelief and Six Feet Under has been cancelled. Now, Disbelief has issued an official statement concerning the cancellation:

"Concerning the Christmas Metal tour with Six Feet Under, Disbelief would like to let you know that we are very sorry about the fact that this tour was canceled in the last minute. From the booking agency of the tour we got the message that the tour was canceled two days before tour start! Disbelief contacted Six Feet Under and they sent us their point of view. We cannot tell any details, but we have now two oppositional statements which we have to live with. Those who suffered the most are the fans, who already bought their tickets and the bands as well as the venues, who had efforts and costs! This fact is unacceptable and leaves a foul taste of disappointment for all participators!

"However, the fact of this cancellation (after overcoming the shock) cannot stop the path of Disbelief. With this statement we want to show our fans why we can't come to your city to play for you. And by the way, we also want to let you know what ugly things are sometimes going on in this business."(Read More)

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