Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nocra Finishes New Album

Russian female-fronted black metal act Nocra has issued an announcement about finishing their latest album:

"Hails! Well, after 1.5 months since we entered [the] studio I'm proud to say that the album is ready! Here is a very different sound than Enlightened by Death. More aggressive, raw, cruel and, cold. Sure there is no reason to SPEAK about music, just listen!

"The album titled The Haunting will be released on new Czech label Agni Productions. The label is owned by Nebulah from [the] band Detonator666. The planned release date is 01.02.2011. Now I am working with [the] album artwork, so every time when I will have a chance I will post news. That's all for now." (Read More)

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