Thursday, December 30, 2010

Will of the Ancients Issues Album Update

Melodic death metallers Will of the Ancients recently checked in with an announcement concerning the band's upcoming album:

"Hi All. Its been a while since we last had an update, so I figure, this is a pretty good time to take a look at what we've been doing in the WotA camp for the past little while. This past August we started re-recording the new album, To Our Glorious Dead. I know a lot of you have been bugging us to get it out soon, but we wanted to (and still do!) want to release a real ass-kicker of an album, and the stuff we had done previously was not up to that standard.

"Dave [Black] finished tracking the drums in October, and then we went on an Ontario mini-tour with our good friends in Battlesoul, Bolero and Strings of Ares. It was sorta like the sequel to Get Folked (if you remember that from last year). When we got back we started working on the guitar parts. Right now we're about a third of the way done those, and we are hoping to be done early in 2011." (Read More)

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