Monday, September 27, 2010

Anger as Art Comments on Recent Live Performances

California thrashers Anger as Art has issued a recap of their most recent live shows as well as an announcement concerning upcoming appearances:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the response and reception last night at the Galaxy. Funny, as I revisit it, more comes back to me about what kind of night it was. A whirlwind. So many people we had not seen for a long time. A bunch of first time fans, and some who had not seen us in a while. Specifically, John Haddad, Chris Trent, Fred Swift, Jeff Peters, Dave Gutierrez, Danny Luong, Mark Caro, Danika Smith... and those are only a few of those who helped out to make it a great night.

"Some of you wanted tickets - and the run up on the last day for tickets was so intense that we couldn't answer back all of you. Again (like our last show at the Galaxy) all of our tickets were sold! We thank you for the support! Cool to see Dan-O making friends with Katatonia's guitarist because of Blackstar Amplifiers, which translated into a cigarette run. Shooting hoops with members of Torment-id and Sorizon. Re: Sorizon - I had never seen them, and they were a real surprise. I did not expect their bassist to say he used to see me play in Tactics back in the 90's, and for them to throw down on a cover of Pat Benetar's 'Heartbreaker.'" (Read More)

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