Thursday, September 23, 2010

Neaera Offers New Single for Streaming

German extreme metallers Neaera have release their newest single for streaming. "Heaven's Descent," taken from their new album, Forging the Eclipse, can be streamed via a landing page at Forging the Eclipse is scheduled for an October 26 release in North America.

Neaera recently commented on the new single:

"Heaven's Descent deals with the incomprehensible cases of sexual, mental and physical abuse that have taken place over the past few years at churches, schools and clerical institutions across Germany, Europe and all over the World. Over the past few months more and more of these outrageous crimes have been uncovered and victims have finally found the courage to step forward to speak out about their suffering and accuse their tormentors. Many of those criminals could never be persecuted and are hiding to this day under the cloak of false innocence and immunity." (Read More)

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