Monday, September 20, 2010

K.K. Downing Talks (or "Blogs") Guitar

K.K. Downing recently posted a new blog entry on his official website, In that blog post, the Judas Priest guitarist discussed guitar playing in general and "how the mind of a professional player ticks." Downing also went on to talk about how he's not a proponent of "motionless" guitar playing:

"I just thought I would talk a little about guitar playing in this blog, as I know many of you are interested to know how the mind of a professional player ticks.

"I will start by saying that we are all different and for many reasons, most of which are not particularly important. What is important is to understand that it takes time for your own uniqueness to develop, therefore you must be patient! Also your attitude to playing plays a major role in becoming a noted guitar player.

"Guitars are not like any other instrument because from the first day you put that guitar strap over your head, you feel a sense that you have put on a suit of armour and you have just picked up an AKM machine gun.

"Playing guitar motionless has never excited me and has never seemed natural. Some people perceive that whaling the axe around is just showmanship, but to me, it enhances my ability to get what I want from the notes and the sound." (Read More)

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