Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Testament Hopes to Begin Recording New Album by the End of 2010

San Francisco Bay Area metal veterans Testament recently wrapped up the American Carnage tour with Megadeth and Slayer. Now the band is eager to begin writing and recording for their next album - a follow-up to 2008's The Formation of Damnation.

In a recent interview, vocalist Chuck Billy commented:

"The American Carnage tour was great for us, but now is the time for us to hold off on performing and go full steam ahead on getting the record finished. We currently have studio time booked at the end of this year, and we're shooting for a mid-2011 release. The new album will most likely be a culmination of [1999's] The Gathering and The Formation of Damnation, but we're definitely not going to forget who we are or our roots. I think we've found a comfortable spot in our writing style."

Adding to the topic, guitarist Eric Peterson said:

"I think the tour went really well for us. It's the first time we had a stage set to our live performance, which was a lot of fun, and it brought the band to a whole new level in regards to performing. Playing with Megadeth and Slayer again was a lot of fun. We're going to be home during the fall and winter working on new material." (Read More)

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