Sunday, September 26, 2010

Statue of Ronnie James Dio to Be Erected in Kavarna

The Bulgarian Black Sea coastal town of Kavarna will soon be the home of a tributary statue to legendary metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio. The statue will be erected in the city's central park in the prospective "Walk of Rock."

Radio Bulgaria has reported that the decision to place a monument in the city park was made by Kavarna's municipal administration. The most active proponents for the statue were said to be the major, Tzonko Tzonev, as well as local musicians and journalists.

This past July, when the city held its three-day Kavarna Rock Fest, a replica of the statue was displayed. Since then, a plaster model of the monument has been created, marking the final preparatory stage for construction. Once completed, the actual statue will measure 1.5 meters in height (approximately four feet, eleven inches). Sculptors Alexander Petrov and Krasimir Krastev-Lomsky will be the primary artists working on the finished product, and painting duties will go to Ivan Stratiev.

Kavarna's reason for its dedication to this honourary project is more than just an enthusiasm for music. Dio was reported to be one of the first metal/hard rock icons to perform in Kavarna. More than that, he returned to perform in the city periodically, performing there at least five times during his career. What's more, Dio took an active role in the campaign to liberate Bulgarian nurses held in a Libyan prison for eight years.

Below is a photo of the plaster model of the statue. More photos can be found on Tzonko Tzonev's official website.