Friday, October 22, 2010

Arjen Lucassen on Star One, Steve Lee, and Ayreon

Netherlands-based guitarist and songwriter Arjen Lucassen recently finished the second album of his Star One project, which is scheduled for an October 26 release in the U.S. and a November 1 release in Europe. The progressive metaller has kept himself busy in the eight years between Space Metal and Victims of the Modern Age. Lucassen has written, recorded, and released several albums with Ayreon, Guilt Machine, Ambeon, and Stream of Passion and each of these projects has yeilded an array of musical styles which combine ample instrumentalist, vocalist, and musical talents. he man behind the helm of these projects took some time out for an interview with Metal Underground's Progressivity_In_All to discuss his musical ventures as well as the tragic death of Gotthard's Steve Lee, who had been a guest vocalist on the latest Ayreon album, 01011001. (Read More)

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