Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dead by April Splits with Guitarist

Dead by April have issued the following brief statement regarding their recent split with guitarist Johan Olsson:

"We are sad to see Johan leave and wish him all luck in the future. Johan leaving will not affect the UK tour we're on right now and it will not affect the upcoming album recordings."

In turn, Olsson posted his own statement about his departure from the band:

"We have had some differences and been going in different directions for a while and there's always a certain point you reach when you need to really decide if you can go forward together or not. So I have decided to leave Dead by April to focus mainly on my own music and bands. Also give time to my other projects like my clothing company Suckerpunch Clothing as well as of course my family and friends. It is every kid's dream to be a 'rockstar' and you always have to balance the good against the bad." (Read More)

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