Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exhumed Enters the Studio

Gore-metal band Exhumed are currently in the studio recording a new album. It will be their first full-length release since 2003's Anatomy is Destiny.

Founder/vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey, guitarist Wes Caley, and bassist Leon DelMuerte are currently at Arcane Digital Recording in Arizona working with engineer Ryan Butler (Misery Index) to record vocals, bass and guitar tracks. Drummer Danny Walker previously laid down his drum tracks at Trench Studios with John Haddad (Abysmal Dawn, Intronaut). Mixing and mastering will be handled by Brian Elliott (Graves of Valor) at Mana Recording Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Nile). (Read More)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I can't see any new posts on this site, should I refresh my browser's cache? Anyone else experiencing this?
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I'm not happy about my life, what can I do to be happy?
I'm a little bit eccentric, and sometimes my comments get removed. I just want to add some spark.

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Antaura Zed said...

The posts are showing up just fine. Sounds like an issue on your end of things.

And speaking of issues...

Can't say much on the rest of your comment, my friend. I'm here to write metal news, not to play Buddha.