Friday, October 1, 2010

Vengeful to Enter Studio

Montreal's Vengeful recently made an official announcement that they will be preparing to enter the recording studio very soon:

"We're still around. We have been hard at work the last few months completing what's to become our third album which as promised will be a double album. Get ready for a lethal dose. We don't have a title for it yet but some of the songs that will appear on it are: "Delusional," "Malice," "Decay," and "Distant Exit." The latter being a track similar to "Transcending" Let's not say more for now. Studio time is booked with Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Last Felony, Neuraxis) starting on November 15th. He will once again be recording the drum tracks this time performed by Phil (Truesdell) who is definitely prepared to deliver the goods and put the record straight on being our real drummer. If everything goes according to plan (that rarely happens) we intend to be done with the album in March and then we start looking for a label to help distribute it as soon as possible." (Read More)

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