Sunday, October 31, 2010

Insidead Signs with Massacre Records

Insidead have officially signed on with Massacre Records. The Greek modern metallers will release their debut album, Chaos Elecdead, in late February of 2011. The album was produced in Germany by Roberto Dimitri Liapakis at Prophecy and Music Factory studios and was mixed and mastered by Liapakis and Christian Schmid. Cover art for the album was created by Meran Karanitant.

An official press release describes Chaos Elecdead as "a mixture of heavy, thrash, and deathcore elements with a modern touch that does neglect to include that warm and powerful feeling of the favorite music that we grew up with. Powerful yet broken riffs, using past and present inspirations, with melodic out brakes and solo parts that characterize this band as a fresh breath in the metal music scene. Insidead deliver strong compositions, played by their hands beginning to end and aspiring to blow you away."

Liapakis commented on the band's sound, saying: "Insidead are a breath of fresh air in the metal scene today as they tastefully combine classic heavy metal elements and modern ideas, keeping their playing real by recording all parts themselves note for note and producing the sound of the 21st century with a feeling in the vein of pure heavy metal."

Bassist Nick M added: "After years of hard work, both the timing and the people we worked with were right for us to find a label that can support our work and give us the stepping stone to present our music to a larger audience. We are grateful to our producer, R.D. Liapakis, and Massacre Records, whose faith in us was a reward by itself for the years of hard work and determination. We feel that the hardest part is to keep our consistency from now and prove they were right in believing in us."

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