Monday, October 4, 2010

To/Die/For Issues Band Activity Update

Finnish gothic metallers To/Die/For recently released an official statement regarding the band's upcoming activities:

"Time between Wounds Wide Open and 2010 is been too long time without doing 'nothing' with To/Die/For. We tried to create it with Tonmi Lillman and we used one year but things did not go forward as it should go. Tonmi is very great drummer and recorder and musician, but he is having so much other things to do also. TDF is thing I wanna do with all of heart and that's why I decided to be free, and do it without Tonmi again. It is sad but I have my life too and I cannot just wait and wait all the time. Of course there is other reasons too but nothing personal problems. I love him as a friend always." (Read More)

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